The Facts About FroYo

There’s a new food trend in Kingston. We had a wave of new burger joints, followed by poutine palaces, and now it’s time for frozen yogurt (or froyo, for you hipsters) to hit the stage.

Menchie’s is one of the newest frozen yogurt shops to hit the Kingston scene.  It’s a chain frozen yogurt shop that allows you to pick your flavor (or multiple flavours if you’re feeling adventurous), pour however much you want, and put on as many toppings as you like from a buffet of options. The key is, you pay by weight  — 55 cents per ounce.

After multiple Menchie’s trips this summer, each costing anywhere from $2 to $6, we started to wonder if a Menchie’s treat really is as healthy as “frozen yogurt” tries to pass off as. The results were not extremely surprising, I mean we did know frozen yogurt was a treat and not a nutritional meal — more interesting was how it compared to the real deal, ice cream.

The closest ice cream comparison to Menchie’s would be Marble Slab. It has the same concept – you pick an ice cream flavor and custom mix-ins.

Nutrition of Menchie’s frozen yogurt and Marble Slab’s ice cream flavours.
Note that 200 grams is equal to about 1.25 measuring cups (for Menchie’s) and is the medium serving size at Marble Slab.
(Chart by Owsik)

After many conversions and number crunching we found that frozen yogurt had a lower caloric content than ice cream — but, this didn’t include the many toppings that are usually haphazardly put on while at Menchie’s. Marble Slab limits the amounts of toppings they mix in, so it may be assumed that the toppings in your ice cream would have a lower calorie punch.

But, it was the fat and sugar that really differentiated the two. Ice cream heavily outweighs frozen yogurt with a high fat content, while  frozen yogurt is packed full of sugar.

If you are trying to calculate the nutrition of your own Menchie’s trip, you should note that 200 grams of froyo is just over a measuring cup’s worth (about the size of a fist) and will cost $3.88.

Again though, this is without the toppings. Add in 50 cents of peanuts and add 210 calories to your total, add in 50 cents of chocolate chips and add in 130 calories — it’s really never ending at Menchie’s. However, fruits are a refreshing healthier option… and really, strawberries mix brilliantly with any flavour.

Hopefully this information  is useful the next time you want to cool down with a summer treat. If you are really trying to eat healthy and your friend pulls the “It’s just frozen yogurt — it’s healthy!” line… just say no, to froyo.

— Catherine Owsik


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